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ework-life balance assessment solutions

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Why use it?

The ework-life assessment tool offers a unique way of measuring employees’ remote working capabilities.  It provides the opportunity for organisations to assess the remote e-work force and to aid their employees’ development through applying and measuring the success of applying strategies.

Using the assessment tool organisations can become more aware of how well their e-workers are coping and if there are any impacts on their well-being, work life balance and job effectiveness.  The ework-life assessment tool measures on eight dimensions:

  1. eworking effectiveness
  2. management style
  3. trust
  4. job effectiveness
  5. work life integration
  6. managing boundaries
  7. role conflict
  8. ewell-being

The ework-life assessment tool works on three levels, the individual employee, the supervisor and at an organisational level. Knowing where to provide interventions that can be effective are an important aspect of the assessment tool.  Once an intervention(s) has been undertaken by the employer, this could be a training course or simply providing  set of coping strategies then a post assessment can be undertaken to highlight improvements and further gaps.