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ework-life balance assessment solutions

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What is the ework-life assessment tool?

The ework-life assessment tool offers organisations a pre and post service that measures the impact of remote working on their employees. 

Employees complete the ework-life assessment tool and this provides employers with a baseline as to where employees need help to improve e-working effectiveness and where well-being and work-life balance interventions are required.

Employers can then choose from a number of recommended inventions and strategies, such as a training courses to help their employers improve their e-working capabilities. Employees then re-complete the ework-life assessment tool for a second time and this shows employers a comparison of the pre and post scores and where improvements have been made and areas that still may require attention.


tips and tricks

advice for remote workers and their employers ...

When remote working, using a laptop, smart phone or pad it is very easy for individuals to forget their health and safety and for organisations not to consider the risk. Risks include overworking, incorrectly seating leading to musculoskeletal problems and eye strain.

Browse and/or download the document that has some examples of useful hints and tips for individuals and organisations with additional links to additional information resources.

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