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ework-life balance assessment solutions

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Welcome to ework-life

Welcome to ework-life solutions

ework-life solutions provides a service that enables organisations to effectively measure the impact of remote working on their workforce.  This innovative service consists of an on-line ework-life assessment tool and personalised consultancy services.

Remote working is on the increase world-wide with forecasts for growth into the trillions worldwide in the next decade. With many organisations now providing some form of access to a remote working facility it has become very important to consider the effects on employees. The ework-life assessment tool measures the impact of remote working on three factors:

  • work-life balance
  • well-being
  • job effectiveness

This enables organisations to help their remote workers improve their performance and quality of life. 

Whilst e-working has been linked to positive productivity gains, the impact of e-working on employees’ well-being and work-life balance has not been measured in depth and particularly some of the more negative aspects. For example, employees may be struggling to 'switch off' from work that is constantly available, which in turn may impact their well being. The tool measures across eight dimensions including: work-life integration, e-working effectiveness, management style and trust.  The ework-life assessment tool helps organisations to consider what actions and strategies can be employed to help their remote workers to manage their e-working and improve their skills and behaviours.

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